Local Ranch Families Growing with Care

  • Making old ways new again for multi-generational ranches
  • Sustaining a way of life
  • Leading the way to sustainable, responsible land use
  • Providing a healthy alternative to large-scale grain-fed production from the Midwest
  • Connecting directly with your family


"I really believe that raising cattle this way is good for the animals, good for the land, and good for the consumers. I have every intention of leaving the land as pristine as possible."

-- Rancher & CEO
Jenny Cavaliere

High Sierra Beef, Inc. is a producer-controlled business that markets beef products of consistent quality in order to sustain family ranches.


Our Mission

High Sierra Beef, Inc. will provide a distinctive, high quality and safe grass-fed and finished beef product raised in the Sierra Nevada region of California and the Eastern Cascade Meadows of Oregon. In so doing, High Sierra Beef, Inc. will sustain family ranchers by providing greater profitability for producers and investors.